Nicole Scherzinger

Nicole Scherzinger

Nicole Scherzinger thinks Lady Gaga is a "monster" in the "most wonderful way".

monster in the most wonderful way

The 'Don't Hold Your Breath' hitmaker was supported by the 25-year-old singer while she toured with the Pussycat Dolls early in her career, and she knew the eccentric pop star was always destined for great things.

She said: "We were one of her very first tours. I'm a huge fan. I just love her style and her vibe and her energy.

"I could tell that she was an artist, even when she didn't have a big production or the money. When she was just lying on the floor with a hand-made fairy cane stick or whatever and light-up glasses, I thought, 'She is a monster in the most wonderful, beautiful way.' "

Both the pop stars have worked with record producer Red One in the past Nicole revealed she loves collaborating with him because he always knows how to make sound "bigger".

She told Attitude magazine: "Working with him has just been unbelievable. Just when you think there's no sound too big, he's able to help you create that. We both had the same vision from the beginning."