TV host Noel Edmonds is to give his wife a 5millionGBP 'quickie' divorce after discovering she had an affair with her transvestite fitness instructor. The 'Mr Blobby' star is said to be devastated after wife Helen admitted over the weekend to enjoying a three-month fling with Stuart Lord - who is reportedly a cross-dressing Pilates teacher. Last week, Edmonds announced in an official statement that his 18 years of marriage to the mother-of-four was over - stressing no-one else was involved. But now the ex-House Party host is said to feel "utterly humiliated and betrayed" by the woman he separated from two years ago. A close friend told Britain's Daily Mirror newspaper: ""Noel is angry and disappointed Helen didn't tell him about this when they made their statement about their marriage. "He genuinely had no idea about what had been going on.

He feels betrayed and utterly humiliated because this makes him look stupid and, even worse, a liar. The fact that the man involved is allegedly into cross-dressing and kinky stuff just makes him feel even worse.

"Noel feels extremely let down and is desperate to move on. He and Helen are separated and now wish to go ahead with a divorce."

Noel and Helen - parents of Charlotte, 21, Lorna, 17, Olivia, 14, and Alice, six - split in 2002 but continued to share their 35-room mansion by living in separate parts of the family home.

The friend continued: "They used different doors and could go for days without actually running into each other. But everyone was happy with the arrangement. Noel is now most concerned about the girls.

To say this has been an emotional time for him is an understatement."

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