Paris Hilton has penned a 'sorry' note to ex best friend Nicole Richie in a bid to end their fall-out.The multi-millionaire heiress wrote the letter to her 'The Simple Life' co-star after mutual friends persuaded her to put a stop to their "petty" row. A source close to the blonde revealed: "Paris just wanted to call things a day after friends stepped in and told her she was being petty" Yesterday (13-05-05), it was revealed the pair's hit TV show was axed. The Fox network have pulled the plug on a third series of 'The Simple Life', blaming a crammed schedule.Fox said in a statement: "We just did not see a place for 'The Simple Life' on our schedule this season" However, rumours are rife Fox decided to axe the show - which saw Paris and Nicole causing mayhem as they tried out different jobs across America - because the pair had refused to end their long-running feud.The glamorous pals reportedly fell out after Nicole showed Paris's infamous sex tape, 'One Night In Paris', at a party. Bosses of the show initially wanted to film the pair separately as they made their respective wedding plans.

But now Paris has dumped her Greek shipping heir fiancé Paris Latsis, Fox decided there was no future for the show.

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