Patrick Swayze wants to release a rap song.The 'Dirty Dancing' star is said to be planning to record a hip-hop track and could release it later this year.Swayze reportedly told website he is working on a track that will show that "rap rhythms are an emotional undercurrent for ballads."It is not the first time the 53-year-old actor has turned his hand to singing.In 1987, Swayze had a worldwide with 'She's Like the Wind' - a duet with singer Wendy Fraser.Last month, Swayze revealed his female fans send him raunchy photos of their boobs and private parts.The handsome actor admitted he is inundated with lewd trinkets and has seen plenty of "smutty stuff" over the years.

He said at the time: "I'm not sure it qualifies as the weirdest, but I've had people wanting me to recreate the potter's wheel scene in 'Ghost' and some of the 'Dirty Dancing' moves

"And then there's the smutty stuff - shots of women's private parts taken from every conceivable angle!"

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