Pink has become the face of a campaign encouraging gay people to come out.The 'Who Knew' singer helped Human Rights Campaign's 'Project Snapshot' to launch National Coming Out Day this week.Pink, 27, who is heterosexual and married, has lent her face to the picture campaign, holding a sign which says "Talk about it".Human Rights Campaign President Joe Solmonese said: "Pink is one of millions of straight Americans who supports fairness and honesty for everyone - GLBT or straight."This project will show the faces of countless Americans who support openness over painful silence and isolation. Young people who are afraid to come out will see these pictures and faces and know that they are not alone."Pink will be featured in the Human Rights Campaign's 'Snapshot Photo Project' an online public art project designed to encourage conversation about GLBT people's lives, and supports equality and fairness. The public can participate by downloading a "Talk About It" sign, and taking a digital picture of themselves with their sign along with friends, family, or co-workers.

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