1. by Spc-Iraq 14th Oct 2008 19:08

    Ladies, i got an idea, put a "Nude Pics" Writting on the envelope and i bet he wont throw it away haha ;p

  2. by Ray Bryant 16th Oct 2008 13:17

    I grew up loving the music of the Beatles. All but one of the band had talent; that person being Ringo Starr.
    With more talented drummers being available I always wondered just why thi... Read More

  3. by Kim 07th Jan 2009 22:26

    Sorry, but when you sign up for stardom, you pay the price. Blowing off the people who are responsible for making you rich is not cool no matter how you look at it. I can understand him... Read More

  4. by Ringo Fan 27th May 2009 03:15

    WOW. This sucks. I was gonna
    send him a letter request
    in november 2008.