The Who star Roger Daltrey has revealed he couldn't handle taking drugs.The singer experimented with various mind-altering substances during the band's early days in the 60s, but says every drug left him incapable of making music.He recalled to Britain's Daily Express newspaper: "I only ever wanted to be a singer. That's all I wanted to do and drug-taking and singing don't mix."I tried amphetamines in the early days and I used to smoke cannabis but none of it ever agreed with me."Not working was just awful. Anything that would make the work suffer I just left alone. It's stupid. I couldn't do the job I wanted to do, which was sing, so something had to go."The 64-year-old rocker has previously criticised Babyshambles frontman Pete Doherty for his heavy drug use.He said: "Watching Pete Doherty and all the stories about his drug-taking exploits is very sad. There's a bathroom floor waiting somewhere for him. He seems to have a death-wish and that is so incredibly dull - to think that's a cool and exciting thing."

Daltrey's bandmate, drummer Keith Moon, died in 1978 after an overdose of Clomethiazole, a drug he had been given to try and wean him off alcohol.

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