Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez's dog almost died after eating rocks.

My baby is sick :( praying for his surgery. (sic)

The singer-and-actress was devastated when three-month-old puppy Baylor got violently ill last Friday (11.11.11) after ingesting a large amount of small boulders.

So Selena - who adopted the Purina Puppy Chow last month with boyfriend Justin Bieber - took him to the vet, where he underwent surgery.

Selena tweeted: "My baby is sick :( praying for his surgery. (sic)"

The adoption agency the couple got Baylor from will now visit Selena once a month to make sure she is caring for the pooch properly.

Justin and Selena - who has five rescue dogs - adopted Baylor after visiting the Winnipeg animal rescue centre D'Arcy's ARC, where they fell in love with him.

D'Arcy Johnston, chief executive officer of the rescue centre, said: "They spent a lot of time with the puppies. I was told that Selena was missing the dogs that she has at home.

"I wasn't expecting her to adopt a dog while she was on tour and has a busy schedule. Baylor probably would have had a bad life or a very short life. But he got rescued and brought to our shelter and is now going to live a very good life."