Sharon Osbourne has pledged to help Tom Cruise as he threatens legal action against the film crew pranksters who squirted him with water at London's 'War of the Worlds' premiere.

The 42-year-old Hollywood star was left fuming on Sunday (19-05-05) night when the 'reporter' he was talking to - from a British comedy show - sprayed Cruise's face with water from a fake microphone.Three weeks ago, loud-mouthed Sharon, who is married to rocker Ozzy Osbourne, was attacked by the camera crew in a similar incident and was doused with water from a pretend camera.But, while Cruise lost his cool, Sharon, 52, decided to get even.She dived into a nearby restaurant, filled a champagne bucket with ice-cold water and threw it over the cameraman.Sharon said: "I was really mortified that one adult could do that to another".Sharon has now offered Tom's lawyers all the paperwork from her incident.A spokesman for the actor said: "Tom wants to take action but we don't know what sort yet"

Britain's Channel 4 has apologised for the prank in a statement which read: "The stunt was intended to be light-hearted".

The four-man team were arrested on suspicion of assault and bailed after questioning.

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