Keith Richards' daughter Theodora insists she is not wild like her dad.

The 21-year-old model is not interested in non-stop partying and claims she is rebelling against her Rolling Stones father by being boring.She said: "My dad's generation was all about rebellion. I'm rebelling against my generation in a softer way."Many of the kids around me just want to go out and party every night but I don't. I'm not a big fan of drugs. Everybody's had their own experience. People say, 'Oh, I'm sure she's a bit of a druggie', but I'm not."Theodora recently appeared in an underwear shoot for Marks and Spencer with Lizzie Jagger, the daughter of Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger.The pretty blonde insists she likes to wind up 'uncle' Mick just like her dad does.She added: "I called him Mickey for a while. He hates that."The Rolling Stones are currently finishing the European leg of their 'A Bigger Bang' world tour.