1. by bnh 03rd Mar 2008 17:55

    I am a huge fan of Tobey and his work in Spidey, but this is unbelievably stuuuuuupid!!!!!!!!!

  2. by Gretchen 03rd Mar 2008 23:33

    I really respect Tobey for being true to himself, even though some people (see above) are intolerant of other people's beliefs and convictions.

  3. by Scott 03rd Mar 2008 23:55

    Why is this stupid? It's his home and he has a right to do what he wishes. It's very admirable of him. The odd thing, is that he feels he needs to eat animal products to gain weight ... Read More

  4. by Jarrad 05th Dec 2008 09:13

    Good on him! It would be great if more people could avoid having to put up with dead animals without people taking offense!