Tom Fletcher

Tom Fletcher

Tom Fletcher broke down in tears at his wedding.

The McFly singer struggled to keep his emotions in check when Giovanna Falcone walked down the aisle at London's One Marylebone earlier this month but "lost it" when his sister Carrie sang during the ceremony.

He said: "I was doing OK up until that point, but hearing my sister sing with Giovanna next to me looking so beautiful I just lost it."

Tom wasn't the only one to cry at the wedding as Giovanna also shed a tear when her new husband gave an unusual musical speech, part of which saw him amend the lyrics to McFly's hit 'All About You' to make it about their big day, with the choir from the Sylvia Young Theatre School - where they met as teenagers - joining in for the chorus.

She said: "I was overwhelmed by Tom's song but I didn't start crying until the choir came in.

"That really choked me up, especially as they were all from our old school and all the same age as when Tom and I met."

It seems the pair are an emotional couple as Tom admitted they both cried when he first asked Giovanna - who he has been in a relationship with since 2003 - to marry him.

He told Britain's OK! magazine: "We both cried during the proposal - I had a lump in my throat but I just about managed to get through it."

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