Tommy Lee has a bizarre secret fetish - women's feet. The Motley Crue drummer has confessed he is obsessed by ladies' toes and claims he even goes into women's shoe shops so he can spy on women's feet. He said: "You'd think the first thing I'd look at on a woman is the breasts of the face. But I go right for the feet. I like to do everything with them." Tommy - who was previously married to Pamela Anderson - says he is slightly disturbed by his peculiar penchant for feet, and jokingly claims he is planning to check himself into rehab so he can find 'normal' body parts sexually exciting. He quipped: "What the hell is wrong with me? I'm going to check into toe rehab!" Earlier this month, Pamela Anderson refuted claims she is to re-marry Tommy - insisting the pair are "not an item." Rumours were rife the wild rocker had proposed to his former wife at Las Vegas' swanky Palms Hotel and Casino and she had said "yes." But Pammy - who has two sons, Dylan and Brandon, from her relationship with Tommy - quashed the rumours, saying: "We're absolutely not getting married."

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