Victoria Beckham had her hair cut short because her extensions kept falling out during sex.The former Spice Girl recently had her long locks chopped down to a bob sparking a new style craze among women.Now Victoria has revealed she decided on the drastic change because she started to notice that clumps of hair were falling out during her romps with footballer husband David.In an interview with British breakfast TV show 'GMTV', she said: "I was in the heat of passion and my hair extensions would come out - it was so embarrassing."Victoria, 32, also admitted she idolised her husband and insisted she would "do absolutely anything for him".The brunette beauty added: "I absolutely idolise him, I would do anything for him, I'm lucky to have him. He's a wonderful husband and he is great with the kids. He is obviously very handsome and genuinely a really wonderful person."And Victoria has confirmed she desperately wants a baby girl - but isn't trying right now.

The former pop star - who already has three sons, Brooklyn, seven, Romeo, four and one-year-old Cruz - admitted: "I'd love to have a little girl in the future. I'd like to do girly things with her. But I'm not pregnant and I'm not trying at the moment."

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