The famously image-conscious star used to despise exercising, but has become a fan of Pilates since moving to America.

She is quoted by Britain's The Sun newspaper as saying: "I've done Pilates four times and I'm going to get more into it. I absolutely hate sportswear and I hate flat shoes.

"For Pilates, you can wear socks and you don't sweat. I'm not big on that either."

  1. by Ginger Murray 01st Oct 2008 13:59

    Victoria Beckham may have soft hands and feet, but it might help if she became concerned about a smile. She has none, and to me, that is what makes one beautiful. Without a smile she ... Read More

  2. by sharon 01st Oct 2008 14:02

    I love this information. I can't wait to try the socks and gloves.


  3. by Sue 01st Oct 2008 15:49

    Well Mizzzz Vicky!...soft hands and feet may be nice.....

    ...but there's nothing like a soft smile to make a gal look pretty!

    No one's looking at your hands & feet at 1st glance.... Read More

  4. by Peggy 01st Oct 2008 16:51

    If she wants to slow ageing she should stop starving herself and stay out of the sun.

  5. by Marsha 02nd Oct 2008 15:21

    Wow, Victoria is soooo coool!!! I really like her style, I wonder if she goes to salons, or has her own beauty salon equipment at her home?

    You just gotta love Victoria

  6. by James 05th Oct 2008 06:46

    I would not care if she wore socks and gloves to bed. Apparently all her important clothes are removed.

    works for me!