The dog just snapped. it was probably painful." Kerner claimed he suffered "deep lacerations, nerve damage, loss of physical sensation, psychological harm and mental distress" after the dog's attack. He had to have three stitches in his penis and two in his scrotum, and launched an 8millionGBP lawsuit.However, although his dog was responsible, Vin - currently starring in sci-fi movie 'The Chronicles of Riddick' - won't have to pay a cent. The actor explained to Britain's Sunday Times Culture magazine: "He was suing the insurance company - it isn't punitive."

  1. by Ron Wilson 04th May 2008 00:19

    I myself was mauled by a pit bull 7 months ago. My penis was 50% detached, my r/s testicle was torn and 3 scars on my arm. I've had surgeries, nerve blocks (5) and have seen 12 doctors.... Read More

  2. by Elizabeth Price 10th Jul 2008 04:35

    Hey Ron Wilson, I saw your comment about the attack you suffered. My husband suffered a very similair attack resently to. He discribes the pain exactly the same way that you did. He say... Read More