Will Smith has revealed the secret to a happy marriage - asking permission from your wife before you cheat on her. The 'Men In Black' star says he and his wife of seven years, actress Jada Pinkett, have made a pact that they can sleep with other people, as long as it isn't behind each others back. The smitten pair have researched the subject by meeting up with high-profile divorced couples, including Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman and Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, to find out what went wrong. Will, who has confessed to fancying his co-stars, revealed: "Our perspective is you don't avoid what's natural. You're going to be attracted to people. In our marriage vows, we didn't say 'forsaking all others'. "If it came down to it, then one can say to the other, 'Look, I need to have sex with somebody. I'm not going to if you don't approve of it - but please approve of it'." Despite admitting he has sexual feelings for other women, Will is determined not to split from Jada - and goes to all lengths to ensure they stay together. He explained: "Every time somebody in Hollywood breaks up, Jada and I go and find out why.

"With Bruce and Demi, we spent hours talking to them. And Tom and Nicole - hours, just trying to understand what happened.

"I don't let a day go past that Jada doesn't feel like the Queen of the World."

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  1. by SmartGuy 11th Oct 2007 18:39

    Dear: Mr. Prince
    I admire your oldschool rhymes I memorized some of your songs . I can't wait until you make a new album so I can rock the house again I miss you your so awesome . How... Read More

  2. by Camille Milton 08th Dec 2007 05:28

    I was very surprised and disappointed after reading about a loving and devoted couple having an open marriage. Actually, bluntly speaking I thought that was disguising. Your marriage... Read More

  3. by Marsha 17th Dec 2007 22:54

    Why get married?? This is pure greed

  4. by Betty 18th Dec 2007 11:17

    I think that it is wonderful they have an open relationship like that. I have been talking to married couples that have been together for a long time and you would be suprised at how co... Read More

  5. by WHAT! 24th Dec 2007 20:01

    I love Will and Jada they are great examples of couples in showbiz. But that is as far as it goes. Their marriage is not a true example of a biblical marriage. The bible say's "forsa... Read More

  6. by Colin 07th Jan 2008 22:09

    They're not in an open relationship idiots...they've stated, through several interviews,that his words were taken out of context....much like they were recently when headlines stated he... Read More

  7. by Cynthia 12th Jan 2008 05:42

    How nasty I have been married for 4 years if my husband would ever come to me with some shit like that... he can pack his shit and get out our house open marriage what a joke

  8. by Tracy 18th Jan 2008 00:07

    I agree with the others, I often idolized their marriage but the open marriage is a bit much reagardless if your spouse knows about it or not. It is not Godly.

  9. by bouncy 24th Jan 2008 01:01

    What does it matter to anyone if someone's marriage is open or closed? If they're in love, and it works, why judge?

  10. by Darron 06th Feb 2008 03:58

    I can see both sides of this. On one side, this is completely immoral and Ungodly. Point Blank. On the other hand, IF they really do have a open marriage, what is it really hurting? If ... Read More

  11. by hafsat 13th Feb 2008 14:31

    geez! it's a secret ai? shd keep being so.

  12. by Brandeon McCullough 07th Mar 2008 16:22

    i have this boyfriend that i feel he is my mate but he dont respect my like he should are treat me like a queen but i feel that one day day he will learn if i keep showing him how.what ... Read More

  13. by M.Carter 16th Mar 2008 20:45

    I have been married, seperated, now a widow. My marriage was one that I considered the traditional. Open marriage was never an option for me, not agreeably so anyway. Jada and Will are ... Read More

  14. by ladime 17th Mar 2008 09:11

    thats fuckin gross u dam swingers u walkin around actin like you have the happy lil marriage when u kno u both fuckin other people what if one of you get a disease u fuckin nasty pricks... Read More

  15. by MarriedWithUnderstanding 24th Mar 2008 16:19

    All of you folks quoting the bible - TRULY SUCK ASS!!!

    Only freaks like bible worshipers think with their minds in the gutter. The bottom line is the word UNDERSTANDING - don't stab... Read More

  16. by Rudi 25th Mar 2008 02:18

    You don't worship the bible, you READ IT! And because you read it and maybe also worship the Lord doesn't quite make anyone sucking ass either. Thanks for the lame label! Love it! A... Read More

  17. by Melissa 16th Apr 2008 18:14

    I don't understand why people are judging their decisions so harshly. It's for their relationship and doesn't effect you at all. If you don't like the idea of sleeping with other people... Read More

  18. by Charmaine 29th May 2008 03:22

    I love Will and Jada, but when you marry someone, you are commiting your whole self to that person for the rest of your life. Marriage is about maturing and strength. Anyone can submit ... Read More

  19. by Montrice 30th May 2008 18:15

    Wow Will and Jada are some freaks !!! LOL !!! Hey you can't be mad @ them, most marriges fail because one of the parties cheat or either for financial reasons. So hey if it work for the... Read More

  20. by Finally, someone gets it!! 30th May 2008 18:19

    I totally agree with Will and Jada!! It is not natural for a man to only one woman for the rest of his life. Its like eating at the same restaurant everyday--FOREVER!! Sounds good d... Read More

  21. by lindsay 20th Jun 2008 20:05

    Umm......you sound like a douche bag. Do you think all women want to stay with the same man for the rest of their lives? The table turns both ways you know...

  22. by Duckywall 10th Jul 2008 19:49

    Wellllllllll, now I know why they have stayed together so long. Will mentioned his vows but they made a covenant to God. The bible plainly gives instruction on adultery. Scientology i... Read More

  23. by MEANDSEVEN 10th Jul 2008 22:55

    Once again close minded people show their true colors. Yeah jackass couples that dont do research and take every measure to ensure that they and their partner is safe deserve what they ... Read More

  24. by April 11th Jul 2008 15:14

    Then why get married? It makes no sense. If she's "the queen of the world", why sleep with other women? Man, people have no boundaries anymore. It makes me sick.

  25. by Natasha 11th Jul 2008 17:36

    Happily ever after is accomplished however those who make that vow determine it. It seems many are missing the point. They have professed to being open in that they will converse about ... Read More

  26. by Tebo 11th Jul 2008 19:34

    Keep in mind that marriage is a 2000-plus year old institution created for people who barely made it to the age of 32. It was designed to ensure the proper up bringing of offspring. Aft... Read More

  27. by ICH 15th Jul 2008 18:24

    The concept of "open marriage" completely eludes me. If bed-hopping is the way to remain married then the union should be dissolved posthaste! It's already DEAD.

    We all have eyes and... Read More

  28. by auramac 15th Jul 2008 20:58

    I've always believed that two consenting adults can do whatever they want as long as it doesn't involve lies or violence.

    However, now I have another reason to dislike Will Smith, wh... Read More

  29. by Shorty 17th Jul 2008 15:59

    I am very disappointed in Will and Jada. Their marriage is no marriage. Hell if they wanted to sleep with other people, then why in the hell get married. I do not agree with their co... Read More

  30. by BMM 21st Jul 2008 18:07

    Hi Ich, not trying to lecture you because you are grown. but news flash. Every man cheats. Either you know about it are you don't. But please don't think for one minute that your husban... Read More

  31. by Queen 24th Jul 2008 18:08

    He said that IF he WERE to cheat he'd ask in other articles including this one he did not say he has cheated. He actually has stated that he would try his best not to cheat on Jada. C... Read More

  32. by Shanette 24th Jul 2008 23:21

    This is so damn stupid. Why get married if you're not going to commit to each other. That's a waste of time, and it's adding more drama to your marriage. I can guarantee you that the ma... Read More

  33. by Skineficial 25th Jul 2008 01:59

    I am going to have to agree with what most people say here. Why get married at all if you aren't ready to be committed to that ONE person? This is no "love" secret - its simply permissa... Read More

  34. by koyce 28th Jul 2008 08:19

    i do agree that two consenting adults are allowed to do whatever works for them, and that includes Will and Jada. it's funny that even though we have these huge concepts (such as marri... Read More

  35. by Micky 28th Jul 2008 13:53

    It is funny how the nay sayers of this article are "against" an honest and open relationship. Why allow someone the freedom to choose when you can control another with jealousy and rul... Read More

  36. by David 05th Aug 2008 19:52

    Hey will can I sleep with Jada? I'm asking now so it does not bother you later!

  37. by maverickpenn 12th Aug 2008 04:57

    i was surprised to find out that will & jada had an open marriage. its not something that i could see me and my wife doing but i wont judge others that do it. and all men don't cheat!! ... Read More

  38. by billy 13th Aug 2008 19:09

    I honestly feel like its all wrong no matter how you look at it because its against gods will. You cant go and make your own rules to marriage. So going to Tom and his wife is the last ... Read More

  39. by Phyllis 19th Aug 2008 16:33

    My question is if a couple chooses to do that, why get married? It doesn't seem logical to me. Inevitably, that arrangement is not going to succeed with human emotion involved. If the o... Read More

  40. by VENITA H 23rd Aug 2008 05:35


  41. by B Jordan 25th Aug 2008 15:53

    I am deeply disappointed from what I am reading if this is true. What examples are you giving your children? Stay with your mate but if your attracted to someone else just go with the f... Read More

  42. by bill gates 28th Aug 2008 17:40

    are you ALL stupid and ignorant. why get married:because they want to. why have sex with someone else: because they want to. what example are they setting for their kids: that a couple ... Read More

  43. by L. P. 04th Sep 2008 15:02

    Good for them. Many people don't understand this type of relationship but if it works for them more power to them. Statistically open marriages are happier and last longer than traditio... Read More

  44. by kelly 06th Sep 2008 17:48

    What happened to Thou shalt not commit adultry? It is a sin to sleep with other people and married. Apparently they forgot about that one, and why get married if you're going to have in... Read More

  45. by Jill 13th Sep 2008 19:08

    by kelly

    What happened to Thou shalt not commit adultry? It is a sin to sleep with other people and married. Apparently they forgot about that one, and why get married if you're goin... Read More

  46. by Jill 13th Sep 2008 19:17

    by Phyllis

    My question is if a couple chooses to do that, why get married?

    Answer:(Why get married: because it's a free country... they have as much right to get married as the n... Read More

  47. by Jill 13th Sep 2008 19:27

    Please note in this article neither Will or Jada actually said they've done it. They just said if they wanted to they would ask the other, and would not do it if the other said 'No'. ... Read More

  48. by J 14th Sep 2008 05:33

    I'm so disappointed and lost much respect for the both of them. I always looked at them with pride as not only a Hollywood couple, but a black couple that is defying all statistics. Tha... Read More

  49. by Sadielove504 26th Sep 2008 14:50

    I am very hurt. I have idolized this couple for years. I have even said I wont marry until I fine my own Will Smith. I wont judge them, its not for man to judge. I still love them both,... Read More

  50. by scorpio 26 28th Sep 2008 16:16

    over the years that will and jada smith have been married,i have really admired their love ,thier chemistry and their devotion to each other. its rare to see love like this in any color... Read More

  51. by brahman 10th Oct 2008 03:54

    Get it over people!!! This is such bullshit.

  52. by Linda Smith 14th Oct 2008 06:29

    Kate Hudson said the same thing about her husband until they split - and now she's bouncing from relationship to relationship - this kind of thing MIGHT seem ok for the temporary, but i... Read More

  53. by ann 17th Oct 2008 04:18

    this is such a bullshit marriage they dont love each other with that type of bullshit my husband better not ever tell me he desire anotha woman i thought they were cute toghether but th... Read More

  54. by apickett 20th Oct 2008 18:39

    i had a lot of respect for this couple and admired them for the way they put family first and if they loved each other like they claim and jada is his queen then how could he want to be... Read More

  55. by none's Business 07th Nov 2008 05:15

    I always thought Will Smith looked a bit too happy all the time. Like he got "everything" he wanted. Very strange choice they have made for themselves and perhaps it keeps them marrie... Read More

  56. by Cynthia 11th Nov 2008 21:41

    Thats the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard. If thats the case they should have remained single. Does anyone read the bible. WOW!!

  57. by Tonia 15th Nov 2008 23:22

    I must admit, I was shocked to hear that jada approved of such infidelity. Deep down to you Jada, something special has to be missing within you to belittle your standards for the sake ... Read More

  58. by shocked 18th Nov 2008 15:11

    WHYYYYYYY!!! I always thought they were the modern day bill and clair but no they had to go and tell us this!! I have lost so much respect for them :( :( :(

  59. by Seriously 01st Dec 2008 10:07

    ok itseems strange and althjo im a 17 yr old (wht du i know) church-every-week-christian... (same as will) at this m,oment im not so sure wht they dion is bad of corse they loveeachothe... Read More

  60. by L 05th Dec 2008 15:05

    Well there are the go-to-church-once a week Christians that think thats what makes them Christians and there are those that know being a Christian is striving to do things God's way...w... Read More

  61. by WHATTTTTTTTT??????????!!!!!!! 05th Dec 2008 17:13

    I don't believe it! They were my model couple. They were the one Hollywood couple that I enjoyed watching. And to say that it's natural to be attracted to others, yes it is, but not to ... Read More

  62. by Lovely2455 07th Dec 2008 19:43

    I actually admire the fact they are not denying something natural, in the bible (if your reading) men were married to sisters, multiple women, they even broke there covenets because of ... Read More

  63. by God is Love 08th Dec 2008 18:29

    StUpId is as StUpId does.....

  64. by NeechyLou 09th Dec 2008 02:43

    Wow. There is so much judgment coming from the comments below. Modeling your own relationship after someone else's is flawed from the very beginning. Only you and your husband/wife can ... Read More

  65. by msanonymous4sure 14th Dec 2008 22:11

    i personally thnk its absurd dat they have that kind of relationship but what i respect about them is dat they've mutually agreed 2 b dat way, its totally their business.

  66. by msanonymous4sure 14th Dec 2008 23:50

    i personally thnk its absurd dat they have dat kind of marriage, but if dats somethng they've agreed on mutually dats their business. its working for them

  67. by Power of Love 16th Dec 2008 15:54

    I don't believe for a minute that WILL SMITH AND JADA SMITH HAVE THAT KIND OF MARRIAGE. If they do I will like to know what bible they are reading and who is the God that they are prayi... Read More

  68. by lalana 16th Dec 2008 18:52

    Ok... seriously, no one is asking you to try this, or telling you it's the only way to live. It's a choice that THEY made together, as to what would work best for THEIR marriage. I do... Read More

  69. by PattyQ 02nd Jan 2009 03:46

    I thought Will and Jada were something special. I admired them so. I'm like a kid finding out there is no Santa. What a huge disappointment.

  70. by SamC 07th Jan 2009 03:01

    Yes, it's **so** disappointing to see that two people who are in love with each other will go to great lengths to seek, and find, happiness with each other in a responsible and caring w... Read More

  71. by Bang 08th Jan 2009 11:59

    Hey, ultimately it's all about how they make it work for them. What we think is not going to change their method. There maybe method in their madness. I just want to say that i too thou... Read More

  72. by Law 20th Jan 2009 03:50

    I truly feel sorry for the both of them. Marriage is serious covenant vows between them and God. No one takes God and our Lord Jesus Christ serious anymore and the promises or consequ... Read More

  73. by dregutta 23rd Jan 2009 01:46

    It's Hard To Hear Something Like This About Someone You Look Up 2.

  74. by Sister Red 09th Feb 2009 02:45

    Why get married if you are going to commit adultery. I don't care if it is a pack between him and Jada that doesn't make it right. Marriage is suppose to unit two people who can't see t... Read More

  75. by A*Rock 12th Feb 2009 23:01

    I can't believe how everyone is still shocked in 2009 that a power couple could have an open marriage. Everyone who brough up the bible in their comments are living through dogma writte... Read More

  76. by ANGELA R. DIMAURO 14th Feb 2009 01:20


  77. by Leaha 20th Mar 2009 07:24

    WOW i cannot believe that but whatever floats their boat lol. Will call me...

  78. by John Dip 20th Apr 2009 05:58

    the bible, THE BIBLE! r u kidding me, men wrote the bible only hundred of years ago, yet man existed for tens of thousands of years, at least. Who says what a marriage is about? Are y... Read More

  79. by Kel 28th May 2009 02:41

    This saddens me, I am about to get married and I cannot see myself being with someone other than my fiance, why get married if you cant commit to just each other.

  80. by i love a lot 03rd Jun 2009 21:23

    great actors and a great couple that does not accept what every christian wants to tell 'em. searching for answers for yourself and not repeating what someone said centuries in the past... Read More

  81. by henson 20th Jun 2009 20:13

    I hope this is not true. If so, I'm very disappointed in both of them. If it's true, they have the right to live their lives as they wish. I, in turn, have the right to turn my back o... Read More

  82. by Shawn 02nd Jul 2009 18:22

    I feel sorry for those who need to push their religious beliefs onto others. Why can't you just accept that not everyone thinks as you do and your criticism to yourself? Let people be... Read More

  83. by Lyu-Travious 07th Jun 2010 19:02

    I truely feel thats whats up and yall are standing strong and thats real...

  84. by JoeMuru-UG 20th Aug 2010 12:36

    Swinging is pure rubbish Will and Jada. It is not different from being unfaithful; whether u have agreed with ur partneror not.

  85. by Brian 09th Aug 2011 06:32

    This is so ungodly and childish. There comes a time when
    We are supposed to mature and put away childish
    behaviors. What kind of marriage is this to model after
    This just allows adul... Read More

  86. by Jenn 23rd Aug 2011 17:21

    Well, if the latest rumor is true then their idea of fun on the side failed. It will be very sad if their marriage is over and even sadder if in fact it came to sex.

  87. by Demi 26th Aug 2011 01:29

    If I had a husband that took care of me the way Will does Jada, my man could do whatever he likes as well.

  88. by Struggle E Stylez 26th Aug 2011 12:01

    It's crazy how the world makes you think something is wrong with you when you think differently. If traditional marriage is suppose to be so the way to go, why isn't it working? Why ... Read More

  89. by TinaBadina 01st Sep 2011 20:19

    I believe that out of 100 men, 99 cheat. WIth this in mind, you should really think about if marriage is for you, and how and if you want to do it. I would vote no.

    BTW -... Read More

  90. by Shannon 08th Mar 2012 06:03

    I Would Try It, But I Don't Think My Husband Would...Enjoy Will chr(38) Jada...

  91. by Ms. J 09th Aug 2012 19:55

    Way to go!!! I am so sure the two of you have discovered that many marriages end due to cheating and money, as long as the two of you understand and feel the love; while being true to t... Read More