So I read the book too and we called and set up a meeting with the author to get more in-depth ideas."

  1. by Dr. Gabriel Crenshaw 30th Apr 2008 19:37

    What about the obvious--you (smooching) with someone who looks like you--a Black woman? Seems like Hollywood ignores that image as well.

    But, Tom Cruise and the like don't se... Read More

  2. by Ken Armstrong 07th Jun 2012 03:57

    Well, it's very hard to take this report seriously since Cameron Diaz was never in that film or slated to be in that film. I suppose Smith knows that, so it's unlikely that he made thi... Read More

  3. by Justice 08th Jun 2012 05:19

    Wil Smith strikes me as a racist. I have seen dozens of tv shows such as Star Trek where black men are kissing nothing but white women including various movies. In fact when a white guy... Read More