Aaron Taylor-Johnson went on an "extreme detox" after filming wrapped on 'Nocturnal Animals'.

Sam and Aaron Taylor-Johnson

Sam and Aaron Taylor-Johnson

The 26-year-old actor - who plays Ray Marcus in the Tom Ford-directed movie - felt the need to go on a "mind, body, and soul" detox after filming ended and admits it took three months to get over the "aura" of his character.

He said: "The day of wrap I smoked my last cigarette and put that out, whatever was left in the pack got thrown away. I quit drinking for three months straight before I could have a regular drink.

"I went on an extreme detox for my mind, body, and soul. It took a good three months to shed that aura. I'm a very blessed man with very supportive loving wife and kids. My wife was very pleased when the movie was over."

And Aaron admits the movie "took a toll" on his mind and his body and says it affected him "psychologically".

He added to Variety.com: "Psychologically it got quite abusive; it took a toll on our minds and our bodies. [The roadside confrontation] scene was three nights in a row where we literally pushed each other to the brink of madness. That was my job, to manipulate and provoke Jake to get a reaction.

"Each take was completely different and each take we shot until the film ran out and we had big rolls. One take probably went on for about 13 minutes. The choreography and geography of that scene - trying to match so the editor could have fun cutting it together - wasn't easy.

"Tom gave everyone patience and time and allowed everyone their process because everyone's different. We got lost in ourselves - that was the beauty of making this movie. We were having an out-of-body experience."

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