Alan Carr once thought Adele had died at his house.

Alan Carr

Alan Carr

The 28-year-old singer went to stay with the British chat show host after the release of her second album '21', which was inspired by heartbreak, and Alan revealed he got worried when the "inconsolable" singer didn't emerge from her room for days.

Writing in his book 'Alanatomy', which is being serialised in The Sun, he explained: "Although she had purged her feelings in '21' she was still cut up about her ex and completely inconsolable.

"[After a few days] Paul Drayton, my partner, said, 'Adele is upstairs, we better go and see if she's OK.'

"I said, 'I daren't. What if she's dead?' We looked at each other. Just out of interest, if the world's biggest star dies in your house, does the price go up or down? I'm asking for a friend.

"Would we get a plaque? Could we turn it into a museum? Would we have busloads of Adele fans tying wreaths to our knocker?"

However, luckily for Alan, 40, Adele was simply fast asleep.

Alan and Paul recently got engaged and they are planning to have Adele - who has a three-year-old son Angelo with partner Simon Konecki - sing at their wedding.

Alan said: "The engagement only happened next week so I don't know exactly what we'll do.

"But a big old wedding and we'll get Adele singing 'Someone Like You'."

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