Chrissy Teigen thinks her daughter Luna mirrors her "sassy" personality.

Chrissy Teigen and her daughter Luna

Chrissy Teigen and her daughter Luna

The 31-year-old model has 15-month-old Luna with her husband John Legend, and Chrissy claims her daughter's personality is more like her mother than her Academy Award-winning father.

Asked if Luna is more like Chrissy or John, she shared: "Me! She's sassy. We team up against John.

"He likes that she's a strong young girl. She's also very sweet and caring. If she sees somebody hurt, she's the first to run over."

The celebrity couple take their daughter with them when John is touring.

Chrissy insisted Luna relishes the experience of being out on the road with her parents, even though she's not fond of flying.

Of the experience of flying with a baby, Chrissy told Us Weekly: "We try to avoid it. She just did a long flight from Bali and nailed it - on the way home. On the way there, I was going to have a panic attack.

"Before I had kids, I was hyper-aware of them crying. So I feel like I know when it's too loud. I get up and apologise. But kids are going to be kids. They're going to scream. I'm never going to be the parent pretending my kid is not doing that."

Chrissy also joked that Luna is guilty of overpacking whenever she heads out on tour with her parents.

The model, who made her debut in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue magazine in 2010, said: "Basically if she has her ba-ba and her lovey that goes over her face when she sleeps, she's set. She has her colours book, her animal faces book, her 'Sesame Street' bath time book.

"John and I memorised all those songs, like 'Rubber Ducky'. She will play the same one over and over. It's always the Elmo one."