Dan Stevens is "forever grateful" that Emma Watson knew how to handle CGI on the set of 'Beauty And The Beast'.

Dan Stevens

Dan Stevens

The 'Downton Abbey' star was thrilled to have 'Harry Potter' alumni Emma as his co-star in the Disney live-action movie as she knew how to handle the CGI required to turn him into the Beast.

He told Backstage magazine: "Fortunately, she, I think probably [more than] any actress on the planet, is completely at home with the weird new technology brought in to shoot a scene. She was completely nonplussed and I will be forever grateful that she was Belle for that."

However, Dan was less impressed with his costume, a "muscle suit" made of grey lycra that weighed 40 lbs.

He explained: "They created this [the Beast] out of two different kinds of CGI technology fused together - never been done before. So I was puppeteering a muscle suit on set, covered in grey Lycra on 10-inch stilts, so all the body happens on set. [It weighed] about 40 lbs. It was very heavy and hot and awkward.

"The facial capture is done separately, so every week I'd go in a booth and they'd spray my face with UV dots and I'd do everything we had done the previous week, whether it was eating, sleeping, roaring, waltzing, just do it again with my face. It blows my mind, it makes my child inside very very excited. Because it is a totally futuristic idea fused with a classic fairy tale."