Dominic Monaghan wants a song about suicide played at his funeral.

Dominic Monaghan

Dominic Monaghan

The 40 -year-old actor wants Derek and Clive's son titled 'Jump', which is based on one person convincing someone to jump out of a building, to be played at the ceremony when he dies.

Speaking to NME magazine about the track, the 'Lost' star said: "It's a song about a man who sees a guy about to jump out of a building. He tells him to do it because he has a blanket, but he doesn't and the guy jumps to his death. It's dark but also a fun song."

However, the German-born star is filled with "positivity, light and love" when he listens to Jackson Five's 'ABC', and believes the band's music forces their listeners to forget about their worries.

He explained: "The Jackson 5 are generally all full of positivity, light and love. They did do a few ballads, but really they were just like, 'Forget about your worries and get up on the dancefloor.' Which is exactly what you want to do on a Friday night."

But the late music legend Prince is also a "massive deal" for him.

Dominic said: "Prince became a massive deal for me in my teens, so knowing he wrote that ['I Feel For You'] was huge."

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