Gigi Hadid gets "hot sweats" when she sees herself on a billboard.

Gigi Hadid

Gigi Hadid

The 21-year-old model doesn't like being anywhere near where her photo is on display.

She said: "Now when I see myself on a billboard I can't go near the block. I get hot sweats. So I ask my friends to send pictures to me because I can't go anywhere near it."

And the blonde beauty also admitted she "isn't the best" on the runway.

She told W magazine: "It's funny because obviously I'm not the best on the runway. Okay everyone we did it! Gigi said it; I know it! But ... what do you do?

"I never was taught how to walk on the runway and maybe that's because it moved really quickly for me that people just assumed that was something I knew. I'm working on it."

Meanwhile, Gigi - who is dating Zayn Malik - previously claimed social media has "taken the dumb model stereotype away".

She said: "We've just been given a gift as a generation of being able to show our own personality and have so much control over the person we are to the public, and not just being a face on a page. I think social media has taken the dumb model stereotype away.

"Just realising how it's not real, how none of it's real. If all technology just shut down today, all of those comment feeds would just be nothing so you have to your own strength regardless of that stuff and try and find yourself without that stuff."