Harry Judd "always knew" he would marry his wife Izzy.

Izzy and Harry Judd

Izzy and Harry Judd

The McFly drummer first met his violinist wife - with whom he has 20-month-old daughter Lola and one-month-old newborn son Kit - back in 2005 when she was playing in the orchestra that accompanied his band on their 'Wonderland' tour, and although they didn't marry until three years later in 2012, the hunk claims he knew from the start that she was "the one".

He said: "I've always been a hopeless romantic, but I just knew. There were times in our 20s when I wondered if it had been lucky to meet 'the one' so young. I had such a busy job and she was a bit older than me and wanted more commitment and you have all those kinds of issues. Izzy has always described it as having a rope between us, and that even when we weren't together we were always connected. I knew. We knew."

And when it comes to defining their relationship, the 'Love Is Easy' hitmaker says the fact they "understand" one another makes is the key to having a love that lasts.

Speaking to Fabulous magazine, he added: "For me it's having that understanding, looking at that person and knowing you can share anything and they're not going to judge you, they're not going to think any less of you. In fact, it'll make them love you even more. I think that is the key to chemistry and love."

Meanwhile, Harry and Izzy previously revealed they might consider having a third child, as they still have a frozen embryo left after going through IVF treatment to conceive Lola.

Asked if they'd like a third child, Izzy said: "We have another frozen embryo and in my mind, I think, had the embryologist that day chosen the other embryo, I wouldn't have met Lola.

"So now I don't know if I could leave that little one behind."

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