James Nesbitt and his wife Sonia Forbes-Adams are set to finalise their divorce.

James Nesbitt

James Nesbitt

The couple - who were wed for over 20 years - split in 2013 but will make the dissolution of their marriage official in the High Court in the near future.

According to MirrorOnline, Sonia has moved into a new £1.6million house and resigned from her position as a director in his Brown Cow Films company after 15 years.

A spokesperson for James told MailOnline: "James and Sonia Nesbitt separated over two years ago as previously reported.

"They remain on the best of terms and request that their family's privacy is respected. There are no third parties involved."

The pair have two daughters together and their split was amicable, despite 'Cold Feet' star James previously admitting to indiscretions during their marriage.

He has said: "I don't want to blame fame. I did it, not fame.

"The difficulty is I want to chase love and the mixture of romance and alcohol is lethal.

"Yet have I ever done anything really bad when I was sober? No. It was never anything to do with my wife.

"Any time I did anything like that, there was drink involved. I just regret the hurt it caused my family."

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