John Boyega's return to the stage is like "a holiday".

John Boyega for ES magazine

John Boyega for ES magazine

The 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' actor will be starring in 'Woyzeck' at the Old Vic in London next month and sees the experience like a vacation compared to working on a movie.

He told ES magazine: "The rehearsal process is something that you forget about when you do movies all the time. On movies you don't really get time to rehearse so that was a shock to me. On the second day, I was thinking to myself, 'Oi mate, why don't you know these lines?' Because on a film you need to be ready to go.' 'We're spending $250,000 an hour' and all that kind of stuff. So this feels like a holiday. A really strenuous holiday with some good people."

Meanwhile, John previously insisted he doesn't want to move to Los Angeles.

He said: "There is no need to move to LA. I will stay in London. This is my home. I've been to LA and spent lots of time in LA. I like going back and forth. But I like being here because of my family and friends.

"Sometimes I get a bit hungry and I want the home-grown food so I just put on a big hat and go to Peckham."

And whilst his role in 'Star Wars' has catapulted him to fame, he insists his life is mainly the same as it was before.

He added: "There are two sides to my life. You break it up. There is your personal life which is normal. My life is very normal. But I don't use buses, I drive. I like to drive my Audi A1. I really don't feel like a massive star. I really don't, and the more you don't the better. I'm just happy working.

"I really don't get more attention [from women]. I'm quite disappointed with that. I thought my face mathematically added up. I'm going to use some chat up lines like 'Hey, I'm Force sensitive'. I'll write a book about it."

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