John Cleese

John Cleese

The 74-year-old Fawlty Towers actor says he is not going to start writing another film because he will die before he finishes it.  He admits he will be in "excellent company" when he does finally meet his maker.

When asked at the Cheltenham Literary Festival whether he will write another movie, he replied: "No, because it is too much like hard work.

"It is two-and-three-quarter years and I am too old for that process. If I started on it now I would die.

"I have only got five or six years left and I will be gone - I won't have to worry about ISIS or Ebola, I am looking forward to it.

"Most of the best people are dead - I will be in excellent company having a wonderful time."

The comedian also admitted he and the Monty Python actors - Terry Gilliam, Eric Idle, Terry Jones and Michael Palin - have never been "huge friends" throughout the process and criticised Michael's travel documentaries, hinting that they were a cure for insomnia.

He added: "Michael, as you know, makes those travel programmes that I put on any time I can't sleep.

"Eric Idle is very good at lyrics so he is writing songs. Terry Gilliam is off trying to raise money for one of his plotless extravaganzas.

"And Jonesy [Terry] is just insane - he writes children's books and recently went to Lisbon and directed an opera about vacuum cleaners."

The guys got back together for one last time before 20,000 people at the London’s O2 in July despite their differences.


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  1. by Sue 13th Oct 2014 14:31

    Love his work :)

  2. by james Russell 14th Oct 2014 10:10

    Get a F*chr(38)%chr(38)ng life, you've had it lucky Cleese there are people who don't have enough to eat or drink on a daily basis, and some pompous actor comes out with statements like that, clown!

  3. by John Thomas 14th Oct 2014 12:59

    its called satire you buffoon!!!

  4. by jack_gats 14th Oct 2014 15:17

    Maybe he hasn't had it so lucky because he got skinned by successive ex-wives. His fault for remarrying you might say, but he's not the only casualty of the divorce court's licence to steal. Take Robbin Williams.

  5. by Fred 14th Oct 2014 21:06

    He's probably daring God to let him live to 100.

  6. by franfran 16th Oct 2014 13:28

    74? He should have at least a decade left in him if not more. What's he raving on about?