Justin Bieber's former neighbour is demanding more money from the star after he egged his house three years ago.

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber

The 'Sorry' hitmaker has already paid out $90,000 to Jeffrey Schwarz for the attack on his Calabasas home, but the man is seeking further damages after accusing the 22-year-old star of "terrorising" him and causing emotional distress with the egg attack, alleged spitting and fight challenges.

And according to TMZ, Jeffrey and his wife Suzanne claim the 'What Do You Mean?' singer used anti-Semitic taunts, and their distress has led them to suffer headaches, stomachaches and sleepless nights.

Lawyers acting for Justin have asked the judge to limit any possible damages to $25,000, but new legal documents filed by his former neighbour claim the singer's representatives have secretly offered more to settle the case.

It was recently claimed the 'Never Say Never' hitmaker was attempting to block the release of a deposition video relating to the case.

Lawyers for the star were said to believe the release of the video could create an unwelcome storm around Justin, who recently courted controversy when he lashed out at a fan in Barcelona, Spain, after he reached into his car and tried to grab him.

Last summer, Justin demanded his former neighbours undergo a mental evaluation to prove they're battling psychological issues as a result of their feud with him.

Following the egging incident, the 'Baby' hitmaker - who moved out of the gated community in 2015 - was sentenced to probation after he pleaded no contest to misdemeanour vandalism.

He was also told to carry out five days of community service at a homeless shelter and fork out an estimated $80,000 in damages to his neighbours.

He was also ordered to undergo anger management counselling.