Kate Mara dumped her boyfriend after he dented her family's Super Bowl trophy.

Kate Mara

Kate Mara

The 33-year-old star's uncle John Mara owns the New York Giants American football side and after they won the NFL tournament in 2008 she took her then-boyfriend, who she hasn't named, to her parents' house to see the famous Vince Lombardi Trophy, but he dropped the silverware and booted it with steel-capped footwear.

Kate - who has previously dated British stars Charlie Cox and Max Minghella, and is currently in a relationship with Jamie Bell - said: "My parents, my mom specifically, was very excited about this. And she said [to Kate's ex], 'Would you like to see it? Would you like to hold it?'

"He was a very enthusiastic man and he put on the gloves and then he went to lift up the trophy, but he lifted it up from the base, which we didn't know wasn't connected to the trophy, and it fell.

"In slow-motion I saw, he was wearing these steel-toed boots, he was a pretty good soccer player and he kicked his foot up and caught the trophy with his boot and then caught it in his hands.

"And he dented, just a tiny part. It never hit the ground though and I look over at my dad who is in the kitchen just watching the whole thing happen."

Kate's father Timothy was formerly vice president for player evaluation for the Giants, but she also has an allegiance to NFL side Pittsburgh Steelers.

Her mother Kathleen's side of the family, the Rooneys - which is where her sister Rooney Mara gets her stage name from - are the owners of the club.

The Steelers are set to take on the Giants on Sunday (04.12.16) but Kate admits it is a win-win situation for her.

Speaking on talk show 'Conan', she added: "The good news is we always win. Someone's always happy."

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