Kate Winslet was attracted to her husband because of his "head torch".

Kate Winslet

Kate Winslet

The 'Mountain Between Us' met now-husband Ned Rocknroll when a fire broke out on Necker Island - the privately-owned resort belonging to her now-spouse's uncle, Sir Richard Branson - in August 2011 and in the subsequent evacuation, she discovered they were the only two people to have seemingly left their residences with things they needed.

Kate - who has kids Mia, 16, and Joe, 13, from past marriages and three-year-old Bear with Ned - said: "I met my husband in a house fire.

"He was the only dude to have a head torch and a pair of shoes, everyone else left everything behind. I took a bra and passports and my children.

"So I married him! I was like, 'I'll go for the guy with a head torch!' "

And because of her own experiences, the 41-year-old actress never doubted the idea of finding love in the tough conditions depicted in her latest movie 'The Mountain Between Us', in which she and Idris Elba play two strangers whose plane crashes on a snow-covered mountain.

She told 'Entertainment Tonight': It wasn't even a question to me.

"[I never thought] this wasn't believable because it had actually happened in my own life."

Kate and Idris had to rely on one another to develop their characters and get them through the tough conditions on the shoot, to the point where they made changes to the movie.

The actress recalled: "It evolved and it changed and there were things that we did that were nowhere to be found actually on paper."

And the Oscar-winning actress admitted there were even days on the gruelling shoot when she was "a little bit afraid" about what could happen to them.

She said: "[We filmed it] at 10,000 feet and our coldest temperatures were negative-38.

f"There were days when we would get to work and I would actually be a little bit afraid about what was gonna happen to us when we got out of that car, just because it was so cold."