Katy Perry's parents wish she "could do other things" than music.

Katy Perry

Katy Perry

The 'Bon Appetit' hitmaker's parents Keith and Mary - who are both pastors - have always been outspoken in the past about disapproving of some of the things the 32-year-old singer does but Katy has learned to deal with their comments and insists her "intentions are pure" in whatever she does.

Speaking in an interview with Today's Natalie Morales in a livestream event to promote her new album 'Witness', she said: "My parents are great and I love them so much. I cry sometimes thinking about how much I love them.

"[But there are times when] they don't agree with some of the things I do and they do wish that I could do other things.

"And I just have to say, 'You are your own person, I am my own person, and my intentions are pure.'"

Meanwhile, Katy previously revealed she is ready to show her fans who she really is away from her pop persona.

She explained: "I love being Katy Perry, and I'm not saying anything about Katy Perry, but I was born Katheryn Hudson and I think people are going to start seeing more of that, because I was terrified to show that, so I built this character that's still me, but the exaggerated version."

And Katy feels she has grown as an artist since she released 'One of the Boys' in 2008 and has been on a musical and personal journey, which she says she shows off on her latest LP.

She added: "You know, you have to gracefully learn how to transition. There's a time capsule version of me and it's been four years. I've left my twenties surrendered to my thirties, learned a lot along the way, broke a couple of emotional cycles and decided that I can be more myself."

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