Khloe Kardashian was told she would "never be a certain size".

Khloe Kardashian

Khloe Kardashian

The 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians' beauty hit the gym after her divorce from Lamar Odom and is thrilled she has been able to get rid of one of her "biggest insecurities" - her arms.

She said: "I was always told that I could never be a certain size or that I could never look a certain way and that really got to me. I started to believe what everybody else told me. But then one day something inside of me didn't want to be defined by somebody else's perception or vision of me ...

"My arms used to be my biggest insecurity on my body. They would never tone up and they were mushy and fat with absolutely no structure. Now I have defined arms and it's almost like my trophy that I'm allowed to show off. It sounds silly but I've worked so hard on being able to feel comfortable wearing a t-shirt or tank top."

And the 32-year-old television personality admits it can be "frustrating" at first when you don't lose weight straight away but urged people to stick with it to achieve their desired results.

She told Your Fitness magazine: "I remember when I first begun working out, I was so frustrated that I didn't have this figure in the first week I started working out. Obviously if it was easy everybody would have their dream bodies, but it takes work and perseverance. It takes dedication and literal sweat and tears. That said, it's the most rewarding feeling ever ...

"Intimidation is a huge factor [when you first go to the gym]. When walking into a gym, beginners often feel overwhelmed and worry that they are the skinniest or fattest person there or that they are too weak. Use this as your motivation. I used to walk in the gym and pick people apart, using different body parts to motivate me to continue my cardio for the day."