Laura Whitmore

Laura Whitmore

'Strictly Come Dancing' is giving Laura Whitmore sleepless nights.

The 31-year-old presenter - who is partnered with professional dancer Giovanni Pernice - is feeling the pressure ahead of the live shows beginning on the ballroom contest this weekend.

She said: "This week we are LIVE! Restless nights, waking up in the middle of the night, protrusive sweating, swollen ankles... and the realisation that I'm going to have to dance with my partner in front of 12 million people for the first time! No pressure."

And Laura is finding things particularly tricky because not only has she got this weekend's choreography to worry about, she's also preparing for next week's dance too.

She continued in her blog for Glamour online: "I've spent the last 10 days training with Giovanni and we were told our second dance this week (GOOD NEWS: everyone gets through this weekend thank god. So that's something!)

"But that means now I've two dances, that are VERY different, occupying my brain. This equates to even more sweating and sleepless nights."

The blonde beauty has also been suffering with problems with her right ankle, so has turned to acupuncture to ease her pain.

She explained: "My right ankle was really swollen so my good friend Teddy Brookes, who is an Osteopath, gave me some acupuncture to relieve the pressure.

"Apparently one leg is stronger so it takes most of my weight! Who knew? Years of walking in heels my poor right foot has been bearing the brunt whilst my left leg has been having a wonderful carefree time!

"Thankfully Teddy is a genius. I've never had acupuncture and having needles stuck into my leg wasn't exactly an easy sell. He may as well have told me he was sticking needles in my eyes, but I trusted him and it worked."

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