Mel B has claimed her estranged husband and ex-nanny engineered a sham marriage for the former employee so they could continue their affair.

Mel B

Mel B

The former Spice Girls singer - who split from Stephen Belafonte in March amid allegations he had been abusive and had an affair with their nanny, Lorraine Gilles - in which she claims the ex-staff member's wedding to Michael Bleau was arranged purely to keep the German from being deported from the US.

Mel's filing included a deposition from Michael, in which he admitted he bought Lorraine's engagement ring for just $30 on eBay. The couple never posted a picture of their engagement on social media.

The documents, obtained by TMZ, also featured a portion of Lorraine's deposition, in which the nanny - who previously insisted she had had threesomes with her employers but never with the producer alone - admitted having sex with just Stephen around 10 to 15 times, at least twice around the time when she got pregnant and had an abortion. She previously denied that it was Stephen's baby.

Lorraine also admitted using cocaine - a factor which immigration officials can use to deny someone a visa - and claims the drug was supplied by Mel.

The 42-year-old singer - who has daughters Phoenix, 18, and Angel, 10, from past relationships, and five-year-old Madison with Stephen - has accused her estranged husband and former nanny of trying to blackmail her with sex tapes, and in Lorraine's deposition, she confirmed their existence and stated she had watched them as recently as in July 2016 on Stephen's laptop.

The documents also revealed Michael was once arrested for a sex crime and convicted of felony false imprisonment. The 'America's Got Talent' judge claimed Stephen got her to invest $60,000 in Michael's business, but she had no idea he was a convicted felon.