Mel B is "thankful" she got to tell her late father she loved him before he died.

Mel B (c) Instagram

Mel B (c) Instagram

The 41-year-old singer has paid tribute to her parent Martin Brown almost 10 days after he lost his five-year battle to cancer aged 63, and shared her gratitude at being able to spend time with her dad before he tragically passed away.

The former Spice Girls singer - who has daughters Madison, five, Angel, nine, and Phoenix, 18 - shared a photograph of a colourful arrangement of flowers, cards and a candle on her Instagram account, which she captioned with a heartfelt message.

She wrote: "Thank you for everyone's kind gestures and words of support it really does mean a lot,if anyone wants to donate to st Gemmas hospice in leeds pls feel free to do so they took such great care of my dad in his last few days on this earth,but I no he is in a better place now and I'm thankful phoenix and I got to hug him tell him how much we love him #restinpeacedaddy (sic)."

The brunette beauty has since uploaded an inspirational quote on the photo-sharing site during the hard time.

The post read: "You have to be at your strongest when you're feeling at your weakest."

Mel was not only able to make amends with her father before his death but she built bridges with her mother, Andrea, and sister, Danielle, after it was reported the trio fell out over her relationship with her husband Stephen Belafonte, and the family have since enjoyed spending quality time together.

Speaking previously about her relatives, Mel said: "Yes, she came down yesterday, saw the kids and watched the show. Then we hung out and went for dinner with the kids. Family is family. There's no point talking about that."

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