Naomi Campbell felt "humbled" by her recent visit to a Syrian refugee camp.

Naomi Campbell

Naomi Campbell

The 46-year-old supermodel met children at the Za'atari Refugee Camp in Jordan and subsequently admitted to feeling inspired by the children she had encountered, including 13-year-old Nida, who has lived in the temporary city in the Jordanian desert for the past three years.

She said: "Nida has such resilience. I found her to be such an inspiration."

Naomi, who has travelled to Za'atari with Save the Children to meet children who have escaped the Syrian war, admitted the trip had made a real impression on her.

She told the Daily Mirror newspaper: "I've met some amazing people who had to flee their country because of war.

"They are very proud and dignified, they are not looking for sympathy.

"They are happy to be here living in peace after living through such terror. I've seen not one person complain.

"I've met children so traumatised they can't speak any more. They have had to learn to speak again. I've seen a lot of people give each other strength and hope. I've met a lot of smart people.

"I didn't have any expectations about coming here, but I'm so humbled and honoured to be welcomed into people's homes which are spotless, full of pride."

Naomi also admitted to learning much more from the refugees than she does in her day-to-day life.

She said: "I don't come here to hang out with posh people. I learn so much more from people I meet in refugee camps."

The British star revealed, too, that she loves the calming nature of the desert in Jordan, where the refugees are temporarily housed.

She explained: "I love the desert here. I find it a very spiritual, calming place."

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