Nathan Sykes has tried Tinder - but was "terrible" at it.

Nathan Sykes

Nathan Sykes

The 'Kiss Me Quick' hitmaker doesn't get time to date due to his music career, so he decided to try out the popular dating app while in the studio recording his debut solo LP but he found it difficult to convince girls it was really him.

Speaking exclusively to Yahoo! the former Wanted band member said: "When I was writing the album one of the producers tried to get me on Tinder, he was like, 'Mate it will be hilarious.' So I signed up and the girls were like, 'You're not Nathan Sykes.' I was like, 'Brilliant.' I can't be arsed with dating apps I would be terrible."

Nathan previously dated Ariana Grande from August 2013 to December the same year but admits it's hard for him to devote enough time and energy to make a relationship really work.

He explained: "I certainly can't (find time for a relationship). But it's one of them things, if you go looking for it, you'll never find it! It always happens in the most unexpected of places. I am just not going to look and then it might happen!"

Nathan, 23, went solo after the boy band split in 2014, and dating woes aside he admits he feels very lucky to be in the position he is with his career.

He explained: "I feel very fortunate, I have friends at home who are just leaving University and getting into their first job. It is really good to say that I have already travelled the world and had some incredible experiences. I am bringing out my second debut album which is cool."

And Nathan has his eye on breaking the US and matching the success The Wanted achieved as a solo star.

He said: "Everyone dreams of making it all around the world so I am concentrating worldwide. In America I have had some great support from the radio stations. We are just about to release my new single 'Over and Over' there; it's got a lot of airplay in the US already, which is incredible."

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