Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj wears pink because it makes her feel euphoric.

The 'Starships' rapper claims her financially troubled childhood in which she was forced to share a room with her brother made her crave a fairytale, girly lifestyle and has instilled a deep-rooted love of the colour pink in her.

Nicki - who always sports a touch of hot pink on her outfits - said: "When I was younger we didn't have much financially, and I'd see little girls' rooms on TV and they'd be all pink.

"I shared a room with my brother, so I'd dream one day I could have my own room, all pink, like Cinderella's. Pink takes me back to that time and feel euphoric when I wear it."

The eccentrically-clad singer likes to keep her look low-key when she's just chilling out at home at ditches her notice-me stage outfits for more casual clothing so she can relax on the sofa in and tuck into her favourite food.

Nicki confessed to Cosmopolitan magazine: "What I wear at home is not what I wear on stage. At home I'm more introspective; on stage I'm anything but!

"I watch 'Judge Judy' and 'Forensic Files'. And I cook - I cook spaghetti and macaroni and cheese really, really good."

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