Ollie Locke has been on a date with a clown.

Ollie Locke

Ollie Locke

The 29-year-old television personality has admitted he once enjoyed a romantic evening with a man who had kept on the multicoloured shoes he had to wear earlier in the day at work as a comic performer - much to the 'Made in Chelsea' star's horror.

Speaking about the unforgettable moment, he told Metro newspaper: "I once turned up to a date, and my date was wearing clown shoes. He's just finished his shift as a clown. He was a good kisser though."

And the dark-haired hunk has silenced speculation he will appear on 'Blind Date' in a bid to find love because he is "focused" on launching his dating app for gay men named Chappy.

When asked about an appearance on the upcoming programme.

He explained: "It's a great show but I'm focused on setting-up on Chappy."

Ollie - whose full name is Oliver - set up Chappy to help other men find a partner who wants more than a "hook-up".

He explained: "Having found no gay dating app facilitating those looking for more than a hook-up, we felt it was archaic. Laws have changed. Gay men can get married and have children. We are evolving. Whilst Chappy has a 'Mr. Right Now' function we also have a 'Mr. Right' function - so, users have a choice who they're matched with."

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