Patrick Kielty is grateful there was no "awkward dating" for himself and Cat Deeley.

Patrick Kielty

Patrick Kielty

The 46-year-old comedian had worked with the 'So You Think You Can Dance?' host on talent show 'Fame Academy' for several years before their friendship turned romantic in 2012 and though he broke a "rule" about mixing business with pleasure, he's grateful that he did.

Speaking on UK TV show 'Lorraine', he said: "I broke the rule of don't get your money where you get your honey.

"But we went there and what's good about it is whenever you're with one someone who's a mate to start with, you don't have to go through all that awkward dating. You just crack on."

After less than a year of dating Patrick and Cat married in Rome and now have a 15-month-old baby son, Milo.

And though Patrick couldn't be happier with their life out in Los Angeles, he admits he's slowly come to realise his place in the "pecking order" of the household continues going down.

He said: "We call [Milo] the Fresh Prince of Bel Air because he gets whatever he wants.

"You suddenly realise when you get married, you're number one. Then a kid comes along and you're number two, then a dog you're number three and you spend your life going down the pecking order."

Patrick also spoke about how he "pretends" to have work commitments in the UK, just so he can have some relief from family life on flights to and from the US.

He admitted: "What I do now we have a small child, I pretend to have work so I can be on a long haul flight on my own.

"Long haul flight with four gin and tonics, a Disney film and a cry."