Paul Weller can't afford to retire because of his divorces.

Paul Weller in Q magazine

Paul Weller in Q magazine

The 58-year-old rocker - who has kids Leah and Natt from his first marriage to Dee C. Lee, Jesamine, 17, and Stevie Mac with second spouse Samantha Stock, twins Bowie and John Paul, five, with pregnant wife Hannah, and 21-year-old Dylan from a relationship with a make-up artist named Lucy - still enjoys his career after 40 years in the spotlight, but would be unable to quit even if he wanted to because of his personal expenses.

Asked if he could afford to stop, he said: "Nah. Definitely not. Without getting too personal, don't forget I'm on my second divorce settlement, so to speak, so no, I couldn't.

"I have to work anyway because I want to work but I have to make a certain amount a year just to pay everything I need to pay. But there are still things I say no to."

The 'Going Underground' singer is just as proud of his children and role as a father than he is of his musical success.

He told Q magazine: "They're my real legacy, as much as my music.

"Life is full on because I've got so many kids.

"Last weekend I was in the car for most of it, just driving people back and forth to different places.

"So I don't get a lot of spare time, but if I do I'm quite happy to just sit on the [sofa] and do f**k all and watch TV like most people."

And Paul is pleased his kids also share his love for music.

He said: "My youngest, the twins, the moment you put music on they're bobbing their heads. My eldest daughter Leah sings.

"She's got a great voice, a bit like her mum. Her stuff is sort of soul or ambient soul or whatever she calls it. Luna Child. She's good."

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