Phil Collins thinks he should go and see some concerts before making a live comeback.

Phil Collins

Phil Collins

The 'In the Air Tonight' hitmaker is going no a three-city European tour next June and though he is working with his long-term collaborator Patrick Woodside on ideas for the staging of the show, he's also keen to see how other performers put their sets together.

He said: "I suppose I should see what's out there. I've heard great things about Adele's show, who I think it one of the strongest artists we've had for a long time.

"I've worked forever with Patrick Woodside, who does the Stones and Olympics, as Genesis always have done, so we've been working early on how the show can be.

"It's gonna be essentially a kind of romp through my stuff that people know."

The 65-year-old musician insists the shows won't be too "spontaneous" because they need a lot of preparation as he uses such a large backing band.

He said: "When you've got a 12 -piece band you can't be too spontaneous. The show grows and things develop during the rehearsal period. A lot of my stuff I played myself then brought people in to ornament.

"When you've got a song I played on my own on record then give to 12 great musicians so it's gonna sound great."

But Phil insists he is no stranger to being spontaneous as some of his best work has been improvised.

Speaking at a press conference announcing his 'I'm Not Dead Yet Live' tour', he said: "A lot of people tend to rink of me as shiny BMW music and the truth be known, I'm the complete opposite.

"The way I work is improvisation, I sing.

"The story of 'In the Air Tonight' is true - I just sang the lyrics and wrote them afterwards and nearly all my work since then has been like that."

Tickets for Phil's five UK shows at London's Royal Albert Hall go on sale on Friday (21.10.16).