Robbie Williams says he has had Botox and fillers.

Robbie Williams

Robbie Williams

The 42-year-old singer admitted he has had some cosmetic work to retain his youthful complexion and even quipped that he can no longer move his forehead.

According to the Daily Mail, Robbie commented at the Attitude Awards in London last week: "I've had some fillers, and some Botox, and I've had something done to my chin which means I can't even move my f***ing forehead."

Robbie, who is making a comeback with the album, 'The Heavy Entertainment Show', recently revealed that he still worries about his physical appearance.

He previously said: "My brain idles at neuroses and worry and panic," he said.

"The run-up to this album has taken three years and I've written 75-plus songs.

"But every time I've been into the studio, it's been under the heavy weight of: 'You're coming back, you're doing an album, this had better be a hit, you're 42, you're fat, your eyes are droopy, go and write a bigger chorus'.

"It's an uncomfortable place to be [but] it propels me forward."

And the star, who has children Teddy, four, and Charlton, 23 months, with wife Ayda Field, 37, admitted his diet for his latest tour did not go very well.

He explained: "Months ago, I went on this diet and it worked but it's kind of extreme. I lost seven pounds in five days.

"And then, seven days in, I woke up one morning and I thought, 'That's odd, there's a polaroid image in my head with me and some grapes and some peanut butter. That's strange, 'cos that didn't happen.'

"The second day I woke up and I went to the loo and there were crumbs in the bath.

"The third night, I woke up at the fridge and I'd been night eating every night. I put on nine pounds in the middle of the night, without knowing.

"That being said, I'm looking after myself. I'm carb-less, sugar-less, fun-less. I'm in those clothes I used to wear in the 90s."