Ed Sheeran bought a home in Italy because he loved its vineyard.

Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran

The 'Shape of You' singer revealed that he has splashed out on a property in Umbria, which was struck by a 6.6 magnitude earthquake when he was visiting last year.

He told The Sun: "I didn't want to buy in Tuscany because there are too many English people there. There is a vineyard and the moment I saw it I knew I had to buy that place.

"It's in Umbria. When the earthquake happened, I was there and I felt it, but I'm not that close to where it happened."

And Ed hinted that he can imagine bringing up his future children there.

He said: "Italians are people who live surrounded by culture, amazing food, incredible wine and a lot of beauty.

"What could you possibly want more for your kids? Learning Italian with them would be fun."

Ed - who also has properties in London and Suffolk, the English county where he was raised - previously said he wanted to keep the location of his new getaway top secret but admitted the reason he started his 'Divide Tour' in Turin was so that he could spend a couple of days in his new home.

Speaking to Vanity Fair Italy magazine, he said: "I just bought a property in Italy. I don't want to say where it is, but it's a beautiful place. My tour is going to start in Italy because I want to spend some time in my new property there."

Ed spent most of 2016 travelling around the world with his girlfriend Cherry Seaborn, visiting places like Japan, Australia, New Zealand and Iceland as he enjoyed a well-earned rest from touring.

And the star admitted his dream is to live in the countryside permanently with a wife and kids.

He shared: "This is my idea of happiness; living in the countryside, having a multitude of children always around me and my wife by my side. Writing songs every day and then going to pick up my kids at school ... I'm ready [to be a dad], but then it's not me who have to carry a baby in the belly for nine months, so it's not just up to me."

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