Sinitta wants Simon Cowell to buy her a football club for Christmas.



The 53-year-old singer asked her followers for suggestions of hobbies she can take up within the next year and was particularly taken by a suggestion she take over the running of Championship side Hull City - especially as her fan recommended her former boyfriend and good friend bought the team as a gift for her.

She wrote: "Would love to learn a new skill before October 2018 Any suggestion?... Keep it Clean please and no Wise Cracks like sing, dance etc ! Lol! (sic)"

One of her followers, Sean McNally, replied: "Owning Hull City. Get Simon Cowell to buy it for you! (sic)"

Sinitta then replied, tagging Simon into her tweet, telling him that Christmas is just around the corner.

It read: "Hahah @SimonCowell it IS nearly Christmas! (sic)"

The 'So Macho' hitmaker - who has children Magdalena and Zac, whom she adopted following a heartbreaking string of miscarriages and several rounds of IVF treatment - was also taken with the idea of enrolling on a course in child behaviour.

Sharon Andrew-Jones wrote: "Maybe a learning course for young child behaviour seeing as you have children or child development course I'd love to do one but no time xx (sic)"

Sinitta replied to her follower: "Omg! Yes! My monsters are so naughty! Honestly its like being a detective and my Mother all rolled into one that i have turned in to! (sic)"

The singer was also told to take up flower arranging after showing an eye for the skill with her infamous palm leaf outfit on 'The X Factor' in 2009.

Chris Garbutt said: "Why don't you become a florist especially after the way you arranged those leafs on xfactor that time (sic).

Although Sinitta asked for no "wise cracks" she did appreciate the humour and said: "I said NO wise cracks! ... did make me laugh though ! X (sic)".