Sting's David Bowie-inspired song made him "philosophical" about his own mortality.

Sting at the 2016 BMI London Awards

Sting at the 2016 BMI London Awards

The 65-year-old singer/songwriter has admitted writing the track '50,000' about the late 'Starman' hitmaker, and his reaction to the music legend's death earlier this year, which features on his upcoming album '57th & 9th', has caused him to "develop philosophy in the face of death."

Speaking to BANG Showbiz at the 2016 BMI London Awards, the 'Roxanne' vocalist - who was awarded the BMI Icon Award at the star-studded ceremony held at The Dorchester hotel in London on Monday (10.10.16) - said: "I think all of us when we lose our cultural icon are affected in a profound way, there's a child in us who thinks they're immortal and of course so I wrote a song about my reaction to it I think you develop philosophy in the face of death."

However, Sting has revealed having recently celebrated his birthday he already has a "pretty philosophical" outlook on life.

He explained: "I'm 65 so I've lived most of my life already, I'm already pretty philosophical."

Although the former Police frontman is already thinking about mortality, he is adamant he still has the same passion for making music and creating hits as he did when he started his career over 40 years ago.

Sting - who released his debut solo album 'The Dream of the Blue Turtles' in 1985 after he formed The Police eight years earlier - said: "Totally, music is an endless ocean you can swim in forever with no bottom and no edge so I'm still learning."

However, Sting has "absolutely" no plans to pursue a career in filmmaking like his spouse Trudie Styler.

The musician - who has four children, Mickey, 32, Jake, 31, Coco, 26, and Giacomo, 20, with Trudie, and Joe, 39, and Fuchsia, 34, with his first wife Frances Tomelty - said: "I absolutely no plans, I'm far too busy being a musician."

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