Sue Vanner says Sir Sean Connery is the best James Bond.

Sir Sean Connery

Sir Sean Connery

Although the actress shared a steamy sex scene with Sir Roger Moore's super-spy in the 1977 movie 'The Spy Who Loved Me', she admitted that Connery, 86, gets her vote for the best Bond.

Speaking at the launch of London Cabaret Club's Bond-themed show, 'London Never Dies' at Bloomsbury Ballroom, on Thursday (16.03.17), Sue said: "I like Daniel Craig as Bond. I loved his first movie. But he's obviously not the best Bond. There's no question about it - Sean Connery was the best Bond ever!"

And although she chose Sean, Sue insisted her co-star Roger, 89, was extremely sexy.

She said: "He was quite sexy, and obviously my scene was very sexy because he was making love to me! I was semi naked - I had no top on, but I was wearing pants for the scene."

Sue was joined by guests including Liz McClarnon, Sinitta, Suzanne Shaw, Collette Cooper and Lauren and Chloe Goodman at the launch of 'London Never Dies', which features Bond-themed dancers, singers and acrobats.

Meanwhile, Sue is married to Lisa Vanderpump's step-son Warren Todd and the reality TV star has previously admitted it took her and her husband Ken Todd - Warren's father - some time to adjust to their romance.

Lisa previously said: "When Warren first met Sue, the 16-year age difference, the secrecy that had transpired, was not something we supported.

"It took a while, a few years, that with hindsight was a complete waste of emotion. And now 26 years and a lovely grandson for Ken later, we would have to admit we were wrong."