will.i.am wants to buy a farm in Surrey, South-East England.



The quirky musician has revealed he's developed a craving for the simpler things in life and is currently dreaming of buying a new property and spending his days on a farm in the countryside.

He shared: "I'm getting broody for a house in the UK. I would love to buy a house over here.

"You can't have a house in London, there's no houses with yards. So I would like to buy a farm in Surrey."

And while Will confessed to not being a natural when it comes to

caring for animals, that hasn't dampened his enthusiasm for the task.

Speaking to The Sun newspaper, he explained: "I'm not great with animals but I wouldn't mind an agricultural farm, some fields and that."

By contrast, the 42-year-old star previously said he dreamed of living in the iconic Shard skyscrapper in Central London.

At the time, though, he confessed that the salary he was earning on the British talent show 'The Voice' wasn't enough for him to rent an apartment in the distinctive-looking building.

He said: "I want to live in the Shard but it's expensive and this show doesn't really pay the bill but I'll figure it out."

And Will also revealed his desire to swap America for the UK, saying he had developed a strong feeling for the country after spending so much time there.

He shared: "I want to become a proper Brit. I have been coming here for years and I just like it. it feels like home."

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