And would you ever choose your career over your family?

No I wouldn’t because I don’t think you can ditch your family. I’d always juggle it, I don’t see why I’d have to choose really.

Good answer, so have you made any wedding plans now?

No I actually haven’t because it came at such a difficult time so what I’m going to do is to try and get sorted in my career and everything and then we’re going to put back as much money as we can and then as soon as we have the money we’re going to set a date, maybe in a year or something…

In the past few months you’ve gotten engaged and won the show, what else could possibly make your life better?

I know! My dream would be to model for Roberto Cavalli and Victoria’s Secret, that would so top it off because I love Roberto Cavalli’s dresses and I love the lingerie and the catwalk shows that Victoria’s Secret put on, they’re amazing.

Finally, it’s been a pleasure to watch you, but before you go, tell me about your long term ambitions…

Well I’m hoping to get a life-long modelling career out of the show, and I’d also love to be known and have the success of Kate Moss, that would be amazing. She’s in her thirties now and she’s still doing so well as a model with her own clothing range and I’d love to have an inch of her success.

Well Mecia, we’re sure you’ll go very far, it’s been a pleasure talking to you and best of luck with everything in the future,

FemaleFirst - Ruth Harrison

  1. by Linda Hill 08th Jul 2009 07:55

    Glad Sophie the Bitch didn't win ! What a two faced backstabber she is !

  2. by Aleesha 09th Jul 2009 18:20

    haha i agree with Linda im SO happy Mecia wonn she was so beautifuk and a lovely personality.
    Sophie is 2faced and talked behind Mecias back so people like her aren't going to go anywhere in life!!!!

  3. by sds 09th Jul 2009 18:21


  4. by Angie Bouchier 20th Jul 2009 22:17

    Mecia really did diserve to win, she took a step back week in week out to congratulate her fellow contestants. Towards the end she was struggling to cope with the pressure of the compet... Read More